DyMaLab pursues a combined experimental/numerical approach to investigate the impact-dynamic behaviour of materials. To identify the strain rate dependent material response, dedicated test techniques and experimental methods have been developed. DyMaLab disposes of a wide variety of test facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art measurement devices. Based on the experimental observations, constitutive material models are developed to describe the influence of strain rate and temperature.

Impact-Dynamic Material Behaviour

State-of-the-art test facilities are available to characterize the effect of strain rate on the mechanical response of materials under different dynamic loading modes.


Dynamic Damage and Fracture of Materials

Experimental and numerical tools to predict damage initiation, propagation and fracture of materials under dynamic loading conditions.


Small-scale Impact Testing

DyMaLab disposes of a multifunctional impact setup, equipped with advanced measurement techniques and high speed cameras, to study the response of small structures subjected to impact.


Dynamic Severe Plastic Deformation

Cutting-edge research to obtain ultra-fine grained microstructures and exceptional material properties by applying dynamic high pressure torsion.


High Speed Forming

Determination of strain rate dependent Forming Limit Diagrams of metal alloys used in dynamic sheet forming processes (magnetic pulse forming, hydroforming, explosive forming, ...)


Small Sample Testing

DyMaLab offers unique capabilities to obtain mechanical properties from (very) small material samples using specialized equipment and Digital Image Correlation.