UGent joins DYMAT Board

During the last General Assembly, Patricia Verleysen was elected as new member of the Governing Board of DYMAT, the European association for the promotion of research into the dynamic behaviour of materials and its applications.

The principal aim of the DYMAT Association is to bring together engineers and scientists from all nations working in the fields of crashworthiness, ballistics, blast effects and dynamic material processing. For this purpose, the Association organizes the International DYMAT Conference every three years. DYMAT also encourages the technical meetings, seminars, training courses and student camps to promote dynamic materials research.

International DYMAT Conference 2015

DyMaLab will be present at the upcoming International DYMAT2018 Conference with 5 contributions on dynamic materials research:

  • Dynamic Fracture of a Dual Phase Automotive Steel
    S. Chandran, P. Verleysen, W. Liu, J. Lian and S. Münstermann
  • A Novel Method for Severe Plastic Deformation at High Strain Rate
    H. Lanjewar, L. Kestens and P. Verleysen
  • Effect of Strain Rate on Hydrogen Embrittlement of a Dual Phase Steel
    T. Depover, A. Elmahdy, F. Vercruysse, P. Verleysen and K. Verbeken
  • Static and Dynamic Response of Ultra Fast Annealed Advanced High Strength Steels
    F. Vercruysse, F. Castro, P. Verleysen and R. Petrov
  • Challenges related to Testing of Composite Materials at High Strain Rates using the Split Hopkinson Bar Technique
    A. Elmahdy and P. Verleysen